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Shh, Let the Vinyl Talk

Ahoy! Albany and the Greater Tri-City area!

It's been a long day and you’ve been sailing these busy isles.

Come now and step on to pure luxury…, vinyl.

Let us wisp you away to a land of high living.

Venture with us on a trail of elegance and leisure.

Take a chance.

Place your hand in ours, and frolic into a world filled with extravagant planks and tiles!

Ready? All aboard! Let's get to our categories,

Stone Cold comfort Warm As Wood Can Be
Stone Cold Comfort
Fun Fact #1:

Luxury Vinyl Tile replicates the beauty of stone and concrete surface textures, in

tile form.

These tiles and a splash of color are exactly what you need for your home.


Twilight, Firmfit Tile by Chesapeake Flooring
Installation Method: Float

Three times more rigid than standard LVT, and a 1mm layer of sound absorbing padding. Twilight brings everything together, so you can live as carefree as you want.

Look at this!

Gothic Arch, Wanderers Loop By Mohawk Industries

Installation Method: Float

Are there any pet owners on board? If so, you’ll love this. Gothic Arch offers Mohawk's Lifetime All Pet™ Warranty that covers all pets and all accidents.

Sounds like everyone in the family will be happy!

Be in awe!

Clay, Paragon Tile Plus by Shaw Floors

Installation Method: Float

These vinyls are not what you think they are. They. Are. More.

They are stacked!

Layers and layers of protection to resist tears, scuffs, spills, dents, you name it.

You don't have to think about it too much, clay is here to stay so you can play your way.

Too cheesy? Onward we go!

Search “How to make someone go ‘Wow’”

Gold, Calcatta by Stanton

Installation Method: Float

Did we forget to mention that they’re all waterproof? How silly of us. Everything you see and more is water resistant. Just another thing to make you gasp in excitement.

Next Up

As Warm As Wood Can Be

Fun Fact #2:

Luxury Vinyl Plank, models after the world-renowned flooring superstar, hardwood plank.

What do we have here?

Cafe Doppio, Explorers Cove by Mohawk Industries

Installation Method: Float

Cafe Doppio offers all the layers we know and love, and since it's from Mohawk, yes you guessed it, the All Pet Warranty will serve you well again. So run! Don't walk! We’ll wait for you to come back.

Gaze upon me, I am beautiful!

Amber Oak, Endura Plus by Shaw Floors

Installation Method: Float

Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and if looks could speak.

It’s in the name people. “Luxury Vinyl” and the crowd chants LVP! LVT! LVP! LVT!

Makes you do a double-take.

Arcadia Barnboa, Titan HD Plus Platinum by Shaw Floors

Installation Method: Glue & Float

Arcadia Barnboa is the type of plank that looks good anywhere; living room, kitchen, bedroom, walkways, everywhere.

And because this plank is two-toned, even paired with a darker pallet, it'll still stand out.

Make sure you check out “Put A Cork on It” if you're wondering about the installation methods. Different material, same application.

You’ve never been more excited to walk the plank in your life.

Greyed Oak, Prime Plank by Shaw Floors

Installation Method: Float

Fun Fact #3:

LVT and LVP are often manufactured the same way, thus terminology is used interchangeably.

Both gracefully capture the essence of their design, and are distinct in charm. But we don’t mind what you call it, as long as you call us, for it.

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of this trip. Don’t go overboard though, on your next excursion be sure to visit us at Modern Carpet and Flooring. We've been helping you stay afloat since 1945.

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