Something is Different About This Wool

Something is Different About This Wool

Attention homeowners, property managers, renovators, and fashionistas!

If you're looking to spice up your living space, and are located in Albany or the greater Tri City area, no need to look any further.

The shear joy I have to spotlight these new Arrivals at Modern Carpet and Flooring from Couristan and Nourison, wool really surprise ewe. So, without further ado, I hope you are woven firmly in your seats and are dyeing to see what's in store.

(If you have made it this far, you are either questioning going further or loving these puns.)

Categories are . . .

Classic Couture

These vibrant and traditional patterns add warmth to any home with a sense of humble familiarity.


Stand out from the rest and fight the urge to brag about your exquisite alluring charm.

Contemporary & Complete

Let's keep it simple, modern is our niche.

Let's take a look,

Classic Couture

Wool is a natural fiber that offers fire, allergen, and dust mite resistance.

Something is Different About This Wool Albany, NY

The fibers shown here are made of 100% wool. This piece in particular should be placed where you want it to last, ideally, in living areas with little traffic or intimate spaces.

Like art, classic patterns are to be admired and appreciated.


Something is Different About This Wool Albany, NY

Here we have some wool blends that stand the test of time and can be trafficked heavily. These rich colors display your unique style preferences and creative eye.

If we keep in mind that wool is naturally stain-resistant and durable, we can confidently understand accidents happen and life goes on. From mother nature's ickier substances to the little bundles of joy in our lives, two-legged or four. Sometimes hiding a stain is all we can do and these blends are up for the challenge. (Until damage control is en route of course.)

Contemporary & Complete

Wool can be blended at varying percentages and with any product either eco-friendly or synthetic, and to boot this wool does not release any chemical emission.

Contemporary & Complete carpeting Troy, NY

Serene, demure but striking.

This modern and tasteful piece is 100% wool as well and can be placed in the busiest areas. What an elegant and versatile conqueror of the realms.

While I hope you are beaming with awe, more is still to come.  With some distinctions in every category, we welcome diversifying categories to fit what you need.

Classic Pattern Modern Flair

100% Wool

Classic Pattern Modern Flair Schenectady, NY

Adventurous Disposition Laid Back Appeal

60% Wool 40% Polyester

 Adventurous Disposition Lake George, NY

Everyday Looks Good on You

90% Wool 10% Nylon

Everyday Looks Good On You Saratoga, NY

Has your interest peaked yet?

If so, we invite you to visit our showroom in Albany, NY where you can also find hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and more.

We have just the right thing in stock that would look amazing in any one of your rooms or entire home.

Feel free to stop by and inquire about What Wool Work for You!

Find us here, or Visit our website @ Modern Carpet and Flooring. Find us here, or Visit our website @ Modern Carpet and Flooring.