Cork florring in Albany, NY from Modern Carpet & Flooring

Put A Cork on It

If you are a fan of cork already, kindly hit refresh on your mind. 
Just be proud of how cool you already are.
For the newbies,

The cork featured is from We Cork and can be purchased at yours truly Modern Carpet and Flooring.

Grab a bottle of wine and let's begin.
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Houdini, Hold it Down, Huh? I Didn't Hear You by Modern Carpet and Flooring

The “Houdini” Collection
*Cue the mystery music* It's here, it's there, it's everywhere. 
The best disguise is no disguise.
Cork flooring from Modern Carpet and Flooring in Albany, NY

Serenity: Plank, Vintage Grey

On a serious note, this collection spotlights our Floating Cork.
If you want to be kind to your installer or to yourself, (you top-notch DIY-er) floating cork is easy to put down, sturdy and environmentally friendly. It uses a Uniclic mechanism that locks the planks together and makes them INESCAPABLE from each other.

Serenity: Plank, Bourbon Road 

Moving on, we have the soft but tough, water-resistant, fighting machine! 

The “Hold it Down” Collection
Professional installers! Professional installers! We need you in aisle glue! 

orkoleum Roll: Natural Pear

As I always say, 

“Where there is glue, you’ll need to know a thing or two.”

While I’m at it, I'll give you quite a few.

  1. Glue-down tiles require detailed prep work of the subfloor and professional installation. The subfloor must be thoroughly cleaned and leveled. 
  2. Please! A moisture test is necessary if installing cork in your basement.  
  3. Glue-down tiles will expand and contract less than floating floors so the expansion gap around the perimeter of the room will be reduced.
  4. While more expensive and labor-intensive than floating cork, if your project involves anything where moisture is going to be a key component, glue-down tiles are the way to go
Dark Cork flooring in Albany, NY from Modern Carpet and Flooring

Classic Tiles: Medium Shade

I love cork, you love cork, we all love cork.. What was that?

The “Huh? I Didn't Hear You” Collection

Comfortable. Silent. Warm. Cork Underlayment.

Unseen and unheard, but not unnoticed. We love you underlayment! We see you! 

by We Cork

This underlayment was created to cater to you, for the purpose of thermal insulation, stress crack isolation and sound control.

When selecting underlayment you can decide what is most important to you and work with what you already have. Hardwood, LVT, carpet, ceramic tiles, linoleum, and even cork flooring, underlayment goes under whatever your heart desires and you'll be overjoyed in every step you take.

Feeling a little corky yet? 
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