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Hardwood flooring is an outstanding option

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for many rooms in your home, with long-lasting benefits that will serve you more than 100 years with ease. But it's also responsible for a rich, classic, and timeless appearance that matches any décor style. If you are interested in these materials, read along for the information you've been looking for.

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Both solid and engineered wood flooring offer benefits you are sure to love, from stunning visuals to extensive durability and beyond. To customize your floors, you can choose a particular species, gorgeous stain colors, and a wide variety of formats and installation techniques. Each one delivers a trendy, timeless look that blends well with various décor and interior design motifs for outstanding results every time.

For durability, it all starts with species selection. There are various hardnesses available, with oak wood offering a well-rounded group of benefits that's perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways alike. Adding a great sealant and finish type is beneficial, helping alleviate or hide signs of wear like scratches, scuffs, and stains.

The hardwood flooring installation process requires special tools, expert precision, and plenty of experience, which is why our professional installation team is so well-suited for the service. Once you choose a hardwood and all your extras, we can quote you a price as well as an installation estimate. We'll let you know what you can expect before, during, and after the service, so visit us today to get started.

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At Modern Carpet & Flooring, you'll find excellent materials that help you create the hardwood flooring experience you've always wanted. But more than that, we also provide the installation services you need as well, for a full-service experience that's sure to please. In addition, our associates are experienced and ready to work alongside you from start to finish on any size project. So, please take advantage of their expertise for your remodel today.

We are proud to serve residents from Albany, NY, Menands, NY, and Troy, NY, all from our showroom in Albany, NY. We want to earn your business and work to ensure only the best fit between your requirements and our products and services. You'll love the solid and engineered wood flooring options we provide, so visit us whenever you're in the area.