So we meet again, Albany and the Greater Tri-City Area, Welcome Back!
We don't mean to throw shade, but what is never complicated and always effortless?
A radiant night sky together and an excellent contrast apart?
Hue know them and hue love them, Dark and Light, it’s Black and White.

You can never go wrong when these are your options. Let's take a break from the colors that cover the world, and focus on the two most versatile and prevalent perplexities to ever exist.
They are not colors, they are a way of life! And if you happen to be fortunate enough to cross paths with Modern Carpet and Flooring in this lifetime, rest assured and know, your feet will thank you later. You’ll know it in your soles.


There are two sides to a coin. Go on, take a flip! How lucky are you?

It looks like we have a celebrity in our midst. 
Tonal Comfort Blue is a Carpet made from 100% High-Performance Anso Nylon
Do you know what that means?!?
It means we’ll save the pictures and autographs till the end. 
But on a serious note, it means this carpet works just as hard as you to maintain its star quality. Durable, soft, and to top it off, it shines in every relaxation zone. Star quality is admired by all and held by few, and Tonal Comfort Blue is solid, comfortable, and fabulous, like you.

Every time you see it, this is how you’ll feel, and the most fitting name too.
Merry is a Carpet made from 100% Polysoft Polypropylene.
We highly recommend placing Merry in low-traffic intimate areas. Trust us, we understand.
We know you want to share this joy, but let us not forget, joy requires maintenance.
Don’t worry though, if you remember from our How Carpet is Made blog, then you’ll know Merry can handle what you throw at it and remain the vibrant, plush roll of happiness it is.

Well well well, look what we have here. You’ve struck gold!
Well, not gold exactly, but something better. A beauty that goes above and beyond, Amalfi, the Vinyl Sheet.
Heavy foot traffic,
scuff, and stains are all non-issues. Amalfi uses Diamond 10  Technology, (used in commercial flooring from Armstong), to protect your peace of mind, because once you have it, you wonder how you survived all this time without it. Long-lasting strength and stability that looks like stones, but feels like relief.

Like lighting in a winter storm, it’s devastatingly beautiful. Throne Room Vinyl Sheet, a force to be reckoned with.
This striking vinyl can be installed at any floor level and over almost any subfloor.
Throne Room’s wear layer is said to scare dirt and give stains nightmares and we believe it. (It has to be hard work being this gorgeous.) As a royal decree make sure you follow the floor care guide to a tee, and everything will be well with thee.

Finally! We have reached the point where two become one.

And see how happy they look together.

Double the fun. Anode and Aloha are indoor/outdoor Area Rugs.
Both, made from 100% polypropylene were constructed to withstand your spring/ summer adventures and the autumn/ winter wonders.

With Anode you enjoy 5 lovely Hexagon styles, mold and mildew resistance, fiber-enhanced Courtron™ polypropylene, and the satisfaction of knowing it's also pet-friendly.

And a boisterous monochromatic Aloha to you, as we draw you into this dual-textured, flora firework that will make you think you’re floating on cloud 9.
Kick off your shoes and try to get your feet off of Aloha, we bet you can't. 

Okay, okay as promised, we can do the pictures and autographs now.
Until next time folks, we’ll see you on the flip side.
Find us here, and check out our other Blogs. See You Soon! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

There are two sides to a coin. Go on, take a flip! How lucky are you?