All Pink Everything

All Pink Everything

Ladies, Lords, and Nobility residing in Albany and the Greater Tri-City kingdom, have you heard?

It’s true, everything is prettier in pink.

Prepare the carriages, and guard your hearts, you’ll easily be swayed by the sights you’ll see.

Joy Carpets: Make A Wish in Blush

Most dreams happen while you’re asleep but this dream waits to become your reality.

Welcome to your royal palace your highness.

Make A Wish, and you can escape from the average and ordinary to something more wonderful and majestic.


You can choose up to 3, rectangularly romantic rug shapes or fancy a wall-to-wall carpet to decorate your sleeping quarters.

Dance on those dandelions and fete freely in its fluff. Swagger upon these stripes and be giddy in all of its gander.

Take your time, and plan out all you can envision in this pink paradise. There is no rush when you are at the Top of the Line.

And while you are there, know that your anti-stain, soil, and microbial warranties are there to protect your manor.


There is still so much to peruse through and we may have a little something that should twinkle in your eyes.

Joy Carpets: Top of the Line in Cotton Candy

From the royal treasure trove!

Here is a list of rare gems and stones for you, to compare Gypsy Safavid’s array of colors to.

We find ourselves getting lost in the radiance of this rug.

At 100% heat-set Courton Polypropylene, Safavid can’t stop and won’t stop. Put it in the sun and it'll glisten like twilight.

If you want to polish this jewel, you can. Easy to clean, water and stain-resistant, and if that's not enough you won’t believe how soft and durable it is.

If you’ve been staring for too long and forgotten where you are, it’s okay. Let’s continue, everything else is just as beautiful.

You can always come back later and stare a little longer.

Couristan: Gypsy Safavid: in Bone Mocha


Quite Comfort Classic III in Ballet Pink, Cranberry, and Heather

Newbern Classic in Sassy Pink

Kids Rule in Pink Flamingo, Lollipop, and Glamour Girl

Dyersburg Classic in Radiant Orchid

In this selection, we have the most electric pink complexions.

The Quite Comfort Classics meet the expectations they describe. At 100% Anso Nylon, they will remain perfectly plush in these soft sophisticated hues while resisting stains and catching your eyes with every view.

The Newbern and Dyersburg Classics at 100% PET Polyester bring the softness, (oooo) the water resistance (ahhh), and power we expect from the richer shades of pink (boom).

Most adorably from Kids Rule, we have the vibrant,  the fun, the shades that get the job done, at 100% BCF CLEARTOUCH PET Polyester. With names like Pink Flamingo, Lolli-pop, and Glamour Girl, we can’t stop the tugs at your heartstrings.

With something for every age to enjoy all you need to do now is decide if you want to go big and make all the floors in the castle pink or stay humble and do the walls too. Tough choices need to be made, but we have more pink for you to be privy to.

Nourison & Home: Sheer Brilliance in Princess Pink

Make way it’s Princess Pink!

Shout yay, it’s Princess Pink!

We received some fan mail for you, your Royal Highness. It reads, “Pink is cute, Pink is snuggly, wall to wall it certainly looks lovely. Pink Forever!”

At 67% New Zealand Wool and 33% Nylon, you won’t find another carpet that can withstand the travels of residential and commercial foot traffic like Sheer Brillance and still look this good.

Prestige Mills: Berta in Sherbert

Your magnificence knows no bounds.

Might I interest you in a small splurge perchance?

In this entertainment lair, let’s imagine cotton candy, strawberries, ice cream, and bubble gum. Sounds enticing doesn’t it?

Well so is this pleasantly pink rug! Hopefully, it places a smile on your face and the air around you suddenly smells fragrant.

Besides, a little Sherbert never hurt anyone, and at 100% Wool, Berta never will.

Nourison & Home: Passion in Grey/Multi

Speaking of fragrant, let’s take a stroll through the royal garden.


Ethereal and lively, you'll find Passion in the imperial sunroom, lounging chamber, and meditation room. At 100% Polypropylene,  you have yet again, another rug that will be as radiant in the sunlight as it is soft.

Almost as delicate as the flowers you see, but just as beautiful. We advise keeping Passion anywhere you would retreat for peace and quiet. It is designed to withstand the exclusive foot traffic of the Royal Highness only.

Thank you for following us through a glimpse of this dream castle. Maybe you’ve pulled a few things out to take with you into the real. Perhaps you feeling as though pink could be your favorite color for a while. If not, let's go through it again.

If you’ve left empty-handed for a second time and your dreams are still technicolored, stop by a little later, we’ll have something just for you!

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