Wonderful Winter Wools

Wonderful Winter Wools



HAPPY NEW YEAR Albany and the Greater Tri-City Area! There is no time to dilly-dally. Just like the frost, we have so much to cover.

Starting the year off with our favorite house warmer, wool!



Don’t Sleep on the Sheep


From Nourison and Home: Harmony in Grey Gold

Harmony, a subtle beauty that’s fine like wine.

At first glance, Harmony resembles a centuries-old map of the world. With it’s warm gold hues mimicking a sun-scorched desert, this hand-woven composition of 44% Wool, 44% Rayon, and 12% Polyester will be as soft as it is elegant. The grey distribution provides a present-day feel and can accent a variety of colors to fit well in your home.

Let us know if it gets a little toasty when you bring this rug home, we’ve heard it can be too hot to handle sometimes.


From Nourison and Home: Alana in Grey