Yes, it's Grey but, It's Definitely not Drab. Pt.2

Yes, it's Grey but, It's Definitely not Drab. Pt.2

Welcome back to our smokey and sensational collection of grey flooring!  We’ve seen some sun but there is still rain to come. Get ready because Modern Carpet and Flooring brings you another one! Let’s get into it.


Every time it rains think of this rug. Raindrops on the window, puddles on the pavement, and the gradual saturation of everything around you. Clearing away the memories of the cold, ushering in a season to behold. But, if you haven't been sold, here’s what we propose. Mindy in Dove 12, for your living room, bedroom, or hallways.  

At 100% Wool, this handmade beauty is comfortable, natural, and grey!  Even when the flowers bloom and everything awakens with color, just think of how this rug will support the influx of everything coming alive.

A rug that flows, and the sunshine that follows after all the rain and rainbows. Saturdays and Sundays you can spend spring cleaning, and when everything is swept and done, get some real outside entertainment!

Take a hike to Troy and trail alongside Poestenkill Gorge. The waterfall there is just as lovely as this rug, just don’t stray from the path.

If hiking isn't your thing, just think of how much land you can cover with what you’ll find in our showroom. If you haven’t already, follow and like us on Facebook and stay tuned for Part 3 of “Yes, it's Grey but, it's Definitely Not Drab” 

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